3 Ways You Can Make Money Online

More and more people are looking for ways to make money online and with good reason. Job security is a thing of the past and people are finding it harder and harder to pay for the basic necessities of life with just one income. Not to mention the long hours spent in commute every day to 9-5 work.

So naturally people are looking for a better quality of life. They are looking for an alternative to the 9-5 and many are finding it online. There is a tremendous and unprecedented opportunity available to us online. An opportunity that wasn’t available 20 years ago.

The online space has made more ordinary people like you and me financially free than anything else in history. And the opportunity online is still growing. Take a look, for example, at e-commerce. In 2019, online purchases made up 14.1% of total global sales – now that’s a fairly big slice of the sales pie. But In 2023, online purchases are expected to increase to a whopping 22% of total global sales – that’s over 740 billion dollars in the United States alone. The online space is booming!

The Online Space is a Booming Industry.

So let’s dive in. How can you benefit from this opportunity and start making money online? Well here are 3 ways that you can make money online:

  1. Sell Wages: This is where you sell a particular skill or expertise that you might have in exchange for money. It includes services like freelancing, consulting, and coaching. You can get started by creating a profile on a platform like upwork.com. There you can list your services, skills, experience, availability, rates, etc. And persons interested in the services you provide would contact you. As the internet continues to grow, there would also be a growing demand by individuals and businesses for this kind of online work. There is a growing need for skills like web developers, video editors, graphic designers, copywriters, and many many more.
  2. Sell Widgets: This is known as e-commerce where you sell products online. As I said above, this is a booming industry. The most proven methods for selling products online are through platforms like:
    • Amazon fba
    • etsy
    • eBay
    • Shopify
    • woo commerce
    • print on demand.
  3. Sell Wisdom: This is where you make money from sharing your experience, perspectives or knowledge. Basically, you create and publish content (e-book, blog, webinar, course, etc) that provides value to people. For example, if you’re into cooking you can create a YouTube channel around cooking, build an audience of people who are interested in your content, and then monetize your content. There is a whole world of opportunities where you can make money from selling your wisdom online. From social media influencing to affiliate marketing to podcasting and many more.

I highlighted 3 broad ways that you could make money online. And I know that I’m only scratching the surface because the opportunities to make money online are vast and growing. But what ever way you consider and choose, remember that you must be providing value. Whether you’re selling wages, widgets of wisdom, the way to be successful online is to consistently be providing value.

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I wish you every success in life and in the pursuit of your passion and purpose.

Bevon Grant
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