About Bevon Grant

I’m Bevon Grant but some of my friends call me Bev.

I was born and bred in the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago (sweet T&T as we fondly call it). I am the second to last of five siblings, two brothers and two sisters. And we have two very hard-working parents, my dad being an Agricultural Farmer.

Who i Am

From very early in my life, I felt the need to prove myself or to stand out.

I think that my parents instilled in all five of us this same quality of working hard. From very early in my life, I felt the need to prove myself or to stand out. Maybe because I was the second to last child of a fairly large family that knew very little about slacking off. Not to mention, I wasn’t particularly gifted in anything, maybe except for watching tv lol.

So, at the age of 14 or so, I decided that Academics in general and Engineering, in particular, would be the way to stand out and to succeed in life. Yes, a pretty young age and stage to be making life path decisions.

To my surprise, I did do well in High School. I even went on to University to complete two undergraduate degrees. I became a qualified Engineer and gained 7 years or so Engineering work experience at different companies.

So Fast Forward 20 years, and I did achieve what I had initially set out for when I was that 14-year-old boy.  Some may call that success. But although I was very grateful for what I was able to achieve, I still didn’t feel fulfilled by work. I just didn’t enjoy what I did for a living. In fact, I felt like my work was keeping me from my real passions. My passions like health & fitness, quality time with family, and Church ministry/missions. There was so much I wanted to do that I felt like Engineering just wouldn’t allow.

And what’s worse, when I looked at the Engineers that were ahead of me in my organization I realized that the higher up I went, the less and less free time I would inevitably have. The really scary thing was that I saw no way out, I had no options. In short, I felt stuck! But I wanted a way out. I wanted to do work that I cared about and was proud of. I wanted time and location freedom to pursue my passions. I wanted enough money to be able to comfortably provide for my loved ones and give to causes that I care about.

So, I went in search of options. I tried Forex Trading, I bought Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, I even seriously considered Network/Multi-Level Marketing. But none of these worked for me. I eventually gave up on this quest for a few years until one day I stumbled across a YouTube video talking about a Digital Entrepreneurship opportunity.

At that moment, it was as if a light bulb switched on in my head. So much of what I heard about that business opportunity appealed to me personally and it was also aligned with my goals in life. I’ve finally found what I believe to be a viable option.

I still work at my Engineering Job and I’ve not yet achieved the Financial Freedom that I’m after. But I no longer feel stuck – I now have options and I feel hope. The prospect of having more time to spend with my family and loved ones, doing things that I care about, and being able to add value to the lives of people fills me with excitement.

I also want to share this feeling of freedom, excitement, and hope with others like me. I want to help people pursue their passions and purpose in life, whatever that may be.

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